The Doors You Mark Are Your Own



The Doors You Mark Are Your Own is available from Amazon, B&N, directly from the publisher, and many other outlets.



“If you’re looking for an engrossing dystopian novel that flirts with theology, philosophy, and meta-fictional elements, you’ve found it here.”

SF Signal

“An epic novel of good and evil.”

Kirkus Reviews

“If Vladimir Nabokov and Phillip K. Dick had mated and produced a genius baby, that baby might well have grown up to write The Doors You Mark Are Your Own. Inspired, thrilling literary madness of the best possible sort.”

Pinckney Benedict, author Dogs of God and Miracle Boy and Other Stories

The Doors You Mark Are Your Own is a literary dystopian masterpiece of an epic scope […] a stunning and ambitious literary speculative fiction novel that should be read by all who enjoy reading well written fiction, because it’s one of the best, biggest and most literary novels of its kind. It’s an unforgettable vision of a dystopian and post-apocalyptic world that is ravaged by a horrible disease and social unrest.”


“It might be the best thing to ever come out of indie lit.”

Electric Literature

The Doors You Mark Are Your Own is a dystopian masterpiece.”

Kyle Minor, author of Praying Drunk and In the Devil’s Territory

“Balancing epic world-building and other science fiction genre traits with literary depth, the authors take some of the best elements from across literature to fashion an addictively entertaining novel […] resembles William T. Vollmann’s National Book Award-winning novel Europe Central […] the scale and plot of TDYMAYO calls to mind War and Peace, but the interactions between characters are reminiscent of Dostoevsky.”

Atticus Review


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